Let the world know about your product/services. Selling products/services is not enough in today’s world. Promoting your product/service helps you to uplift your business. In recent years traditional marketing turns into online marketing. Almost 75% of the population have social media account and according to the latest serve, most of the people spent almost 2.5 hours daily on social media. Promoting your product on social media is one of the best options for advertisement.as it charges nothing just you need to create an account an social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and many more. There are a few things which you have to take care of while promoting your product online which are listed below.

1. Fill the form properly:-

Seems like a no-brainer but sometimes we missed some of the little things. Like if we filling the form of the Facebook page where they provide some space where you can add links for your other social account or your website link. We’ve to optimize everything in a systematic way. They provide you to tell about your product and about your business in brief. Even you can add your office location (address), phone number, and many more. Now some of the social media even provide story features so you can inform the world about your daily offers, etc.

2. Encourage engagement:-

Promoting your product on social media is not enough nowadays. Involving people is also necessary now you would wonder how? It’s simple to upload interesting content so that people can enjoy your content, ask for feedback, and their opinions for improving your services/products. As I mention before about some social media provide story features. Let us take an example on Instagram as have a story feature in that they came up with some little features like quiz, feedback, location, poll, live, and many more. You can also put a quiz daily related to your field so people also like to give answers and even you can organize a poll between your product and something like that these enough people.

3. Promote your social media accounts on your websites, newsletters, and email signatures:-

Tell people that now you are on social media. If you are posting newsletters on regular basis then add social media icons on the bottom. You can also add links to your social media accounts on emails and websites so that people can easily find you on social media. This is an additional branding scope and should be used to its full potential.  

As you can see the website of Msquare technologies there are icons of social media at the bottom.

4 Give customs a reason to follow you:-

In order to have a flourishing social media marketing strategy for your business, you need to have huge followers. Or else no one going to read your content. Once you are able to increase followers on your social media account then it’s no brainer to convert your followers into customers.

So ensure you upload interesting content so people enjoy reading and if they like they will share with others in that way you can gain more followers.

Promote sales, offers, and discounts.

5 Don’t over promote:-

Remember, the audience doesn’t like over promotion, let’s take an example while we’re watching a TV show and an advertisement appears over and over again we don’t like to watch that, in the same manner, if we do the same we are giving a reason to unfollow our business account on social media.  1 out of 5 methods should be used i.e. only 1 post should be promoting your product other 4 should be content. Your content should be regarding your field. You have to create content that people can enjoy reading it.

6 contests and giveaways:-

Nobody in this world doesn’t like free stuff. As someone said correctly if we have to gain something we have to lose something. If we arrange giveaways.

Like these page on Instagram name jhankar (which sells clothes, makeup stuff for girls) arranged to giveaway so that people other than its followers will also follow in order to win this giveaway in that way this page will enrich with more followers and if they like their products they will turn into their customers.in my perspective this is the simplest way to promote your product in no time.   You can also arrange some contests like quiz or simple questions related to your field or you can also ask them to tag you in their post and even using your brand hashtags’ so that it could be the highest engagements.

7 share photo and videos:-

Most people like to watch videos rather than reading. Even on social media people likely to share photos and videos more than a paragraph.  Rather than giving instruction regarding your product, how to use it, its features, etc. in a long paragraph, you can make a video for the same. People will enjoy watching videos if it is interesting.


In beginning, you will face difficulties but keep calm. It will take a while once you know how to use social media account in a way that increases your customers then it will be an easy task.

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