Well, I admire technology that makes it a little easier to work, and life a little easier. I love that my fossil smart watch can remind me when my personal and professional job is divided or when it’s time to take out the trash. I probably shouldn’t have to rely on smart technology for a 15k piece. Except, regrettably, I do. I do know that I’m not the only one either. Actually, in order to do a lot of things, we depend more and more on smart technology. Smart technology is any system through which we communicate that is some kind of thinking for us. This always saves us hours, keeps us on the job, and alerts us to crucial information that we need.

let’s take a look some of the Tech trends.

Tech has shaped film making and photography :

Each of those activities which used demand learning specific skills and attaining the necessary resources to do individuals. Making a film? First, get a camera for movies and help technology such as: video, lights, editing, tools. Second, figure out how to use them and assemble a crew. Third, shoot your video. Fourth, develop the digital advertising edit feature. Fifth, make and sell copies. Many of those tasks are now solved by technology. Digital shooting is much better and you can do more in less time. Multiple cameras can run on the same shot, so you always get the angle you want without having to waste time on retakes.

Technology Streamlines The Educational Environment:

One study says, “The use of digital platforms such as tablets and laptops for reading may make you more likely to concentrate on specific details rather than more abstractly interpreting information.”

This implies that we read more effectively. as we learn, we make decisions instead of simply absorbing content. Since reading needs a much lesser time, we can look at many topics and dwell on those that we like. Our use of technology transforms our brain such that when we use digital technology, we become less profound and contemplative.

This is pointed to as ‘plasticity’ which is one of the primary advantages that humans have over animals, which would rely on instinct. We learn to learn easily and accurately, instead of merely learning by recalling. Yes, by using technology, we think and learn differently. But we are less fixed in our ways, more capable of responding to evolving evidence, and more capable of making decisions. All these are opportunities to be more intelligent, not less competent.

Trustworthiness Of Digital Technologies:

In people’s lives, the digital revolution has begun. With technology pervading much more of our daily world and an increasingly wide domain of our economic realities, The IoT and its industrial evolution have started to make good on the original vision’s promise. The fundamental innovations have established themselves in the technical aspects of our culture and economy, beneath the glitz and glamour of flagship smart factories or new developments in autonomous vehicles unveiled in front of a rapt audience of tech journalists.

Tech promotions will have us assume that our globe is being remoulded. Indeed, we are, but bits and  pieces of drops and starts, not as awake and aware engineers pursuing a simple blueprint. In order to break down the conventional boundaries between cultural, technological, political, environmental and even geostrategic realms, technology has infiltrated all of society.

Enabling technologies reviewed in the paper include cloud/edge, hyper-connectivity, data security, artificial intelligence and analytics, digital twin, distributed ledger, human machine interface, additive manufacturing, data sharing, IoT, autonomous robotic systems, servitization, and several others.

Trustworthiness also plays a part in the direction of IoT-enabled devices to digital transformation. Truthfulness relates to the degree of trust that an IoT device can work as expected, determined by the interaction of key protection, protection, privacy, efficiency, and resilience characteristics in the face of environmental disruptions, human errors, system failures, and attacks.

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