The era of mobile cloud storage and mobile cloud computing

Many of us have seen the option of ‘cloud storage’ in our mobile phones, but we hardly pay attention or try to explore it. Till our smartphone takes care of storing all our information and memories in form of photos, videos, audios, applications, and other things in its internal storage, RAM, and as well as external memory cards, we don’t bother understanding more about mobile cloud storage. Investing in phones with huge storage capacity has become the ‘it’ thing now.  Although, only tech-savvy understand that it is more practical to use the cloud storage resource rather than spending extra money on inbuilt storage. What does it mean to opt for ‘cloud storage’ on your smartphone and why is it more favourable?

What is mobile cloud storage?

Mobile cloud storage is form of cloud storage that applies to storing your data on cloud. You can access your data from anywhere at any time. Mobile cloud storage provide an additional feature syncing and sharing data across multiple devices such as mobile phone and tablets computers. Mobile cloud storage is also sometimes mention as cloud storages on the go, pocket cloud storage or personal cloud storage.

With the advent of mobile technology, it has become vital that our smartphones today perform more compound functions. Because of restricted storage, energy, and computational power, phones have to employ cloud storage services to complete tasks systematically. In easy words, mobile cloud storage means that files can be saved on the cloud from the cell phone. It also implies offloading services which means that tasks, mainly those which are computational rigorous, can be moved to the cloud as well to store save battery and CPU usage.

Some advantages of mobile cloud storage:-

  • Cost effective:-

    Investing in physical storage can be expensive. Without the need of hardware cloud storage is especially economic per GB rather than using external devices.

  • Accessibility:-

    Using the cloud for storage allows you to access your files at anytime from anywhere that has an internet connection.

  • Recovery:-

    In the terms of a hard drive failure or other hardware malfunction, you can access your files on the files. It works as a backup solution for your local storage on physical gadgets.

  • Multiple users:-

    The same cloud environment can have multiple users associated with it. With the help of cloud storage, multiple users can collaborate with the common files. For example, you can allow other users to access your files they can view and edit the file. The mandate person can access your files from any part of the world in real time.

  • Cost effective:-

    Investing in physical storage can be expensive. Without the need of hardware cloud storage is especially economic per GB rather than using external devices.

Service providers

Numerous mobile cloud providers exist in the market such as Apple with iCloud, Amazon with Dropbox, Google Drive, they all give limited free cloud storage to their users. For more storage space, providers give paid services that are generally distributed into monthly subscription offers depending on the desired storage. Mobile devices produce have inbuilt cloud storage options that users can use to their advantage. Apple gadgets come with already configured Apple mobile cloud storage called iCloud. For many android phones, Google Drive has become a preinstalled option where users can also back up their device data.

Saviour in disguise

You take out your phone to click a random picture and suddenly, a message pops up after clicking that your phone storage is full! This could be a life-shattering technical hurdle for a lot of mobile addict users today. What actions would you take in this case? Delete some unnecessary files but not completely unimportant or do you wedge for other options like download the photos to your computer, but by that period of time that casual moment when you could have clicked the picture has gone. Now, consider the mobile cloud storage option on your cell phone. It could really be a saviour! A lot of technical experts suggested that all those things that grab your mobile space like audios, videos, and photos majorly, should be offloaded to a cloud at the quickly possible occasion. If you could do this with a free service most of your videos and pictures are going to be trivially resized, you will have to subscribe if you wish to store them in full resolution. Although, there are several cloud storage applications and different rate structures to choose from in case you want them in the original quality at a low price.

With all these benefits, technical experts are still working out how to get rid of the biggest drawback of mobile cloud storage – data security. Smartphone users usually provide very sensitive details via the network. If it is not secured with encryptions, passwords, or in another way, it can result in a disaster, hackers can easily fetch your data. 

To sum up, mobile cloud storage has surfaced as a new ideal and extension of cloud storage and it is expected to advance in the future.