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About us

We’re a global service provider to build long term relationship with clients.

We have involved ourselves in the web development and designing area for the last 5 years and we have made our-self trustworthy in our local market as well as the universal market with over 40 and more websites, software, and mobile applications.

We acknowledge our client’s requirement and then we apply for any project, we are here to assist our clients to make their online presence perfect and more accurate so they can do their business more.

MAY 2017

Decided to start a company

As we started developing desktop applications for our clients as a startup to gearup our services in IT sector.

Digital marketing services

About to complete one year we are enhance our experiance with partner who expert in digital marketing.


Providing internship

About to end of the year 2018 we got an opportunity to get started summer internship program by many universities and colleges so we started it by april 2019.


Started web development

By the time we started working over web technologies like php, laravel, opencart, wordpress.


Mobile app development

Gradually we also came into a field of mobile developement by using JAVA and Kotlin.



By starting of this year we launched our 1st product which is useful to record an booling appointment system in any business.