10 questions you have to ask before choosing your website maintenance company

If you are not a technical person and want to transform your business digitally, it can be challenging for you to select the right agency for your firm to design your website. As you are a non-technical person, you have to ask them serval questions to the website maintenance companies regarding their web services and maintenance of your website. Here are some questions that you have to ask before hiring any website maintenance companies. Remember, these questions aren’t in a particular order. What is your web design and development process? Process plays a significant role in the design and development of websites. Every agency has its own method to work on, so it can vary company to company. Every website maintenance companies follows its process while working on projects. In this, you have to ask about how they are working. What’s their USP, how they are different from others, and how it will impact your project.

How much time will project take?

It is dependent upon your site’s features requirement, however you still need to ask this question to your programmer. If they’re competent and have the capacity to doing this, they definitely give you an estimated time according to job requirements. They also guarantee that what variables can influence the program and where the problem may come.

How will you handle security, maintenance and backup?

Website security, maintenance and backup are the critical factors of the website’s performance and success. It’s important to know what kind of hosting agency providing and what kind of security measures are being put in place to prevent intrusions. Also, you can ask, How frequently do they take backups? The purpose is to know how safe you are with the hands of the agency you are opting for.

Do you optimize websites for mobile and SEO?

It is essential to ask if you can access your website on your mobile phone or not and not only access but with speed also. Because a lot of people consume the internet by their mobile phone so it is essential that you too have a mobile website and ask them if they are doing SEO(Search Engine Optimization) of website or not. Remember that SEO is the most important thing for the ranking of the website.

What will be required of our firm throughout the project?

Ask your web developer what info they want to build your website. If you want that website to contain all your business information, then make sure that you give them all those details for which they ask you throughout the project.

What support do you offer after the site goes live?

Content update is the main factor in keeping updated your website after it goes live. If you don’t have enough skill set to update your site, you can ask your web maintenance agency to train your staff on how they can work with CMS (Content Management System). Keep asking for reports of your website from your web partners to know how your website is performing. You and yours web designers’ relation does not end after the website is live. There are some things that matter to the site you both have to care about once it’s live. All themes, plugins, modules, and the CMS core will require updates once in a while. A monthly update can help to keep your website bug free; also, you can use new features if you update regularly. It will help you to increase your website speed and compatibility and give the best experience to your customers. Lastly, you need to keep your site safe by hackers and all. It can be avoided by update regularly. Ask your web developer what they will do to maintain your CMS.

Can you work within our budget parameters?

Usually, many website maintenance companies feel hesitant to disclose their budget to their web development companies; it’s necessary to discuss it because if you talk about your budget parameters to your web partners, it might be easy for them to give you the best service. They get an idea of operating and what to do in your budget to satisfy your want list.

Do you provide a mobile app to raise and manage support requests

Nowadays, it is important that you are available on both mobile and pc platforms because many people access the internet on their smartphones. So it is most important that you have an application from where customers can connect with you along with your website. Ask your web designers, are they provide you a mobile app?, If yes then what is the cost of it.

Do you have a dedicated support team?

It is important to know that your web partners are dedicated to their work or not. If they aren’t, then you have to face some lakes in your service. Maybe you will not receive or launch your website in your time. It is hard to work with unprofessional people. It would be best if you asked how long their experience is, how many dedicated to what service, their core expertise, etc.

What kind of testing and quality control checks do you perform prior to the launch of a new website?

Testing is the must before launching your website. It’s important to know that the website runs smoothly on diffrent devices; it takes less time to load. You have to make sure that it works well on diffrent browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. If you have a mobile application, you have to check that your app works smoothly on both Android and iOS platforms.

Last Words :
These are the major questions you need to ask your website maintenance company before hiring them for you. You can also ask more questions that are in your mind to find your perfect web partner

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